Integrity Refinishing Coatings Company Background

Integrity Refinishing Coatings
2797 Irving Blvd., #118
Dallas, Texas 75207 USA
800-773-7336, 214-631-8717

Type Of Work

Manufactures refinishing products for bath tubs,

ceramic tile, counter tops, formica, grout, and fiberglass. Provides Tub University Refinishing Training Schools

Years In Business

16 years, Formed 1989

Under The Big Tent Robert Rhea and Phil Anderson, partner and product developer, have developed a product like no other. What does it do? It's a coating that refinishes old bath tubs and makes them look like new. Not only bath tubs, but ceramic tile, counter tops, and fiberglass such as spas. What is the name of this product? It’s EP-Acrylic. Who can use it? Anyone, but mostly contractors and painters know about it. Where can you get it? Only through Integrity Bath and Kitchen Refinishing Coatings in Dallas, Texas.

The Cost For The Best Show In Town? Just peanuts! A starter kit is only $149.95 and will be enough for six to eight tubs and has everything you need. It can be used with a HVLP Sprayer and the equipment you are already using. Robert tells me that it is a fact that refinishing is 70 to 75% less expensive than replacement. "Saving money for the customer, and also saving involvement of taking out the old, messing up the tile, and the expense of buying a new one will bring down the job cost. This is high-tech but less expensive, which is unheard of, usually high-tech is more expensive. It gives the contractor a higher profitability, adds to his services, and also adds to the uniqueness of his business."

Dog And Pony Act Have you seen the Dog and Pony routine? I have. I've done it! I was looking for a product to paint a mustard yellow commode. Yuk! This incredibly ugly, but expensive throne sits in the middle of our bathroom screaming, "I'm so ugly, put me out of my misery." In attempt of matching our bathroom, I sent my husband out to find something to cover it. He came home with a product recommended by one of the paint stores. I jumped with glee. My husband painted it and we were so happy, thinking we would live happily ever after with our new white commode. Wrong! Not too long afterwards, the paint in the water-filled cavity began peeling off and inside once again was (you guessed it) mustard yellow. So, you can understand when I met Robert Rhea through the profile interview, I was ecstatic.

The Trapeze Act Sounds Great, But can it leap from bar to bar? I heard him say EP-Acrylic covers Formica bars and countertops. I was on my feet wanting to hear more. My first thought was, can it take all the use and abuse a counter top takes, such as cutting on it, placing hot pans on it, and washing it constantly. "It sounds too good to be true. Will it scratch?" His answer was a definite "No." My next question was, "Can I mess up in the application?" Robert answered "No, there is not a problem that cannot be fixed. It depends if you apply it right, it works as a system. I also suggest using gloss for tubs and tile and satin finish for cabinets and Formica."

The Greatest Show On Earth Contractors and painters from Spain, England, South America and others use this product. It is the law in Europe that they cannot remove tubs and other fixtures. "A Law? Why? - I've never heard of such a law before." It was a foreign thought to me. He answered, "Do you know how hard it is to dispose of old bath tubs?" I hadn't thought of it. I just knew I didn't want mustard yellow in my bathroom and I wasn't going to live with it, if I had a choice.

White Elephants? We have two of them among many. The two old claw feet bathtubs (purposely bought for refinishing but without a clue about the best way) are charming. We picked one up for $120.00 and a shorter one for $100.00. They are treasured finds. The new replicas of the old tub look will run in price up to $4,000.00. Robert tells me they are not as good as the old. In fact, the old ones are much better. He says the new tubs have very little porcelain on them compared to the old ones. I do not like replicas in antiques, I want the real thing. So the bright lights of the marquee gave me hope that there was something out there. White Elephants are in. Wow! - Are we in business, or what?

This Traveling Show has premiered with the best. A castle in England has redone all their fixtures with EP-Acrylic. It has been showcased as a miracle refinishing method and featured on "Your New House" TV show. The TCU Basketball Stadium has used it. Their Horn frogs emblem are in refinished purple tile.

The Excitement Of Yesteryear - The Circus Was Once A Big Thing - So Was Avocado Green! Avocado green is not a pretty picture today. Was it ever? In the sixties avocado green was considered beautiful and exciting. I wonder how we thought such a thing? Beats me. Some of you might be facing a green monster and ready to dump it. WAIT until you hear about EP-Acrylic.

"Soup To Nuts" Robert says. "EP-Acrylic works as an system. It requires that the product has to be applied properly, going through the needed steps. A process from start to finish. All the steps and instructions come with the starter kit."

"Someone might want to use a different cleaning product. If they use our whole system, they will not have any problems. The biggest enemy is soap scum. Do not use abrasive cleansers and it will last for a long time. It dries quickly, so we also have solved the inconvenience for the customer. There is an agent that changes drying time. In the hot weather EP-Acrylic can be slowed down, in the cold, it can dry faster. It is also ISOCYANATE FREE, cherry scented, and a safer product. We do not use the word 'safe' but safer," Robert adds.

Training For The Act Is Available Robert and Phil have made a video showing the process from cleaning to polishing and one focusing on the do-it-yourself market. They offer a training school with over 200 graduates. One of their representatives will come to your place of business (based on a daily fee) for on the job training. They also invite anyone to visit their showroom, training facility, and warehouse in Dallas, Texas.

It Flies Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease! Direct mailing and private labeling is also available. They have a five-business-day delivery time and will take Master Card and Visa. A catalogue and brochures are available. Integrity has a Web site for anyone who wants more information.

Whip And Chair After the work is done, does it take a whip and chair to approach the foul smell of the lion's breath? EP-Acrylic smells good too! - "The customer loves the scent. It's Cherry! There is no negative residual odors," Robert says. "I got the idea from Proctor and Gamble. I worked with them fifteen years marketing and selling Tide." His job was to make Tide a household name. Sixteen years ago, he teamed up with Phil Anderson, developed EP-Acrylic and started with one customer. Robert is a fifty year old entrepreneur who has brought the product to over two thousand refinishing contractors. The company operates with five employees. Their growth is forty percent annually. They are sold on their product and only wish they had started sooner. EP-Acrylic is making its way into the "got to have it, got to see it" market and will one day be in the center ring.

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks is not easy. Using EP-Acrylic is simple, but making the old dog aware of it, is the trick. AWARENESS, AWARENESS, AWARENESS is the company's biggest problem. Anytime a new idea comes to the market, the real job is training people to look and think about a new way of doing something.

The Show (EP-Acrylic) Will Go On, And Will Thrill You. Don't Take My Word For It - Check It Out For Yourself! For me, mustard yellow is not my color, I’m going to run away and join the circus. I'm ready to learn a new trick or two. "Roll over Fiddo, we have to get our act together if we are going to join up."